Why Favosaurus

Favosaurus (or favosa.com) is about creating a simple and time saving way for you to bookmark all your favorites (links, videos, texts), be able to easily access them online, and easily share them with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

We have integrated very deeply Favosaurus with the Facebook Graph API and the Twitter API, enabling you to share your favorites on these social networks the moment they are bookmarked on this site.

Here is some things Favosaurus enables you to do:

1/ Bookmark all your favorites from the web (links, videos, texts)
2/ Post your bookmarked favorites on Facebook and Twitter
3/ Get your own public page containing all your favorites, and share it with friends
4/ Interact with communities: comment, tag, like, and do more!

We aim to create the next generation application to bookmark and share what you like with your friends and followers.

Check out our bookmarklet and start the sharing experience!